Furniture Shops in Shanghai

For those willing to invest more on long-lasting, unique pieces of furniture, we would like to introduce you to some of the most famous and lesser known furniture stores in the city that offer a multitude of home decor options. Be it Scandinavian designs, Japanese minimalism, or Chinese neo-classic, here is CreativeHunt's carefully curated list of the very best local stores for modern furniture.


135 Yanping Lu, near Wuding Lu

HAY's Jing'an store is located in a former bank, taking over a space three times larger than their first shop on Taikang Lu. The store not only has more sofas, chairs, and rug options but also a Minimarket -- a pop-up shop that they've been running worldwide which collects stationary, cookware, and bathroom accessories from HAY and other retailers from Germany and Japan. 

If you are on that noble hunt for stylish yet minimal furniture, home accessories, or stationary, and wouldn't bat a eye at dropping a few thousand kuai to attain them, HAY is a pretty cool place to stop by. 

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 2,000-30,000rmb+


668 Huai'an Lu, near Puji Lu

Also hailing from Danmark, Paustian is a high-end furniture distributor established in 1965. They work with multiple furniture manufacturers and brands including Vitra, Arteks, and HAY. So yeah, quite Scandinavian-focused. They have a pretty big office and showroom in Anken Green, where they display decent selections of chairs, sofas, and workspace furniture. 

Belgium furniture brand Ethnicraft is located right next to it, although relatively smaller and limited in terms of what's on display, you might want to check that out as well.

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 5,000-30,000rmb+

Design Republic

511 Jiangning Lu, near Kanding Lu

Design Republic Design Commune is a multi-concept gallery, shop and event space of locally-based architecture and design studio, Neri & Hu. Housed in a 100-year-old former police station, it’s a stunning warren of rooms and corridors, beautifully preserving the building’s historic features, with the kind of bright white space that shows contemporary designer furniture in its very best light. 

Brand-wise, it’s chock-full of international names. It also houses dedicated showrooms for glitzy chandelier brand Baccarat, as well as Danish design firm Vola. Expect to spend some serious cash at this remarkable outpost, or alternatively just go to covet and admire. 

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 20,000-100,000rmb+


No.600, ShaanXi Bei Lu, near XinZha Lu

Area, a beautiful, exorbitantly-priced store and showroom in Jing'an. It's hard not to swoon at the sheer chic on display here with offerings spanning lighting, textiles and furniture. They also have one or two smaller pieces which would make great gifts – think Alessi bits and bobs, as well a decent selection of design books.

But back to the furniture: there's so, so much, ranging from the totally over the top to the elegantly sleek. Way up on the third floor is the rather exclusive Art Connoisseurs Suite – an elegant space decked out mostly with pieces by Italian brand Giorgetti, with paintings and sculpture by Xue Jiye, Yin Zhi Xin, et al. 

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture:  5,000-400,000rmb+

Indigo Living

187 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

Modern and upscale furniture shop on Anfu Lu, Indigo Living offers extensive products from larger pieces of furniture to small items like home accents or wedding gifts. Most of these have an upbeat and eclectic color and design. The building has three floors and each features home furnishings and accessories in different themes or collections, including a kid's area on the third floor. 

Indigo Living also provides custom design and furniture rental services. They have offices in other major cities like Hong Kong and Dubai as well.

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 2,000-20,000rmb+

Casa Pagoda

Tianzifang, 13-17 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu

Like shopping in an oversized living room, Casa Pagoda offers an eclectic array of goods that don't fit neatly into one overall style. The shop is run by a husband and wife team who travel and shop together and have gradually built up a culturally mixed collection. 

Their taste encompasses artificially distressed, vintage-looking couches, tables, and armoirs, Union Jack tote bags and wall hangings, zebra print wing chairs, hand-blown glass vases, and lots of retro knick-knacks like decoupage ashtrays.

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 10,000-50,000rmb+


405 Julu Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu

Covered with graffiti, this three-story building on Julu Lu is really easy to spot. It consists of popular showrooms and cafe areas, especially among the local fashionable ladies. The first floor displays a range of vintage to industrial-style homewares, decorations -- and paintings. They say of themselves, "much of the iron and steel we re-craft is rescued from abandoned factories and vintage machinery."

The place is connected to a greenhouse surrounded by lush green foliage, a really relaxing place to enjoy some coffee and tea. Go upstairs and it turns into a dim-lit, nordic style restaurant with a nice view. The showroom on the same floor features more a modern design -- R.G.F partnered with Normann Copenhagen for both the furniture and brunch menu. You can check their website to see what they offer. 

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture:  10,000-100,000rmb+

Pusu (璞素艺术空间)

1/F, Bldg D, 753 Yuyuan Lu, near Zhenning Lu

Sitting right in front of pork-centric restaurant Porcellino, Guangzhou-based brand Pusu operates a quiet and serene shop dispaying neo-Chinese furniture and traditional artworks from local caligraphers, metalsmiths, and sculptors.

The majority of the products here are made of quality woods such as zelkova and burma padauk. The company also offers interior design services.

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture:  3000-20,000rmb+

Note: This store will be moving to their new location at 169 Jinxian Lu near Shaanxi Nan Lu at the end of October, 2016. For details, call 3461 9855.


116 Nanchang Lu, near Yandang Lu

As their name suggested, Lost & Found takes inspiration from abandoned and neglected furniture in our daily lives and tries to give warmth to them. Their products are mostly made of solid wood, tin, or cowhide and have a simple and low-key feel. 

Here, design is heavily influenced by Japanese and Nordic minimalism. A chair would cost from slightly above 1,000 to a couple of thousand. They host exhibitions of Japanese designers regularly, and some of their craftwork can be purchased inside of the store. Lost & Found also has showrooms in Beijing and Wuxi.

Approximate price for medium-sized furniture: 3000-20,000rmb+


Photo cover (Casa Pagoda) by Brandon McGhee.