Inside Design Shanghai 2017: Here’s a Photo Tour of the Stuff

Heads up, typical stylish CreativeHunt reader. Now in its fourth year, interior design mecca Design Shanghai is back on from today until March 11.  The event of the season for people with aggravating frames, for the next four days, the Shanghai Exhibition Center is filled with browsing booths of over 300 interior design brands — international representation from the likes of Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, Muuria, Neuni Grou, Rado, Oluce by Domus Tiandi, and more joining upstart China-based companies — presenting art for daily life in Classic & Luxury, Workplace, Collectable, Kitchen & Bathroom, and Contemporary Design categories. 

We’re talking furniture, lighting, wallpaper, desks, couches, tables, vases, carpets, lamps, appliances, and accoutrements — a thing that you hang on a wall, a thing that you stick on a coffee table, a thing that you stick on shelf, a thing that you stick on a bedside table maybe, a thing that maybe belongs in a kitchen?, a thing that is maybe a coatrack or something?, maybe you’re meant to put your shoes in it?, ???, a thing that… I don’t know… where the hell does this go? Living room or something? Does it hold magazines or...? What the fu-

All that fabulous sorts of stuff. 

But wait that’s not all!  SmartShanghai visited Design Shanghai today, on opening day, and were also ecstatic to discover that running concurrently to Shanghai’s biggest interior design exhibition, transpiring at exactly the same venue in fact, is the World Championships 2017 for the Worst Walkers on Earth. It’s a really impressive field this year at the Most Maddening Walker Championships with a international cast of competitors showcasing their skills, stopping short, walking slow to block foot traffic, wandering about eyes glued to their WeChat, randomly walking in slow zig-zags, stopping suddenly to take selfies, randomly changing direction right in front of you with no warning, completely obliviously that there is anyone else in the world entirely — just generally the world’s best and brightest at walking around like a total dickhead. Going for that gold. Great stuff. Great, great stuff. I wanted to murder everyone within 10 minutes. Love it.

But anyways!  Here’s some photos of Design Shanghai 2017!

The main floor.  Here's where the heavy hitters are showing, bisecting Luxury Design on the one end and Kitchen & Bathroom on the other.

You know who loves a good chandelier? China. That's who.

Just wading through the luxury.  Lots of great pieces on show in particular if you happen to be the last main bad guy in Taken that Liam Neeson garrotes to death at the end.

Packed house for the big lighting fixtures roundtable.  The talk was being translated into like 9 languages via headphones like it was Israeli peace talks or some shit. But yeah, the event also features talks from designers, architects, artists, industry luminaries, and more. Schedule at their webpage.

Tell me about it!

Hehe.  It says shit!

Right here's where'd I say something insightful about the new middle class or the new consumer class in China but I'm drawing a blank on it so just pretend I said something really profound about it all and let's move on.

Plexiglass foosball table! For the insufferable bro in your life who has everything. There's a plexiglass ping pong table around here somewhere too.

I've... had a few...

Closing deals.  If you want to make a purchase just go see Linda in the big purple Klingon throne chair and she'll sort you.

There it is.  Bit smudged because they were playing Perrier water cocktails beer pong on it.  (The cocktails are like 70rmb. I checked.)

Okay! Interior design, hooray! Nailed it!


Shanghai Design is on until March 11. 220rmnb to get in. Operating hours are 10am to 5pm.