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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Event Visual Designer

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 2 years ago
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Why THP Creatives (thornehope)? 

THP Creatives (Thornehope) is an innovative, boutique and international experiential designer and producer. 

In China, we have a team of average 11+ years of professional experience and most importantly, we have one same goal, to make success happen.

Due to our expansion plan into Greater China, we are looking for an innovative & intelligent visual designer, which people usually call “graphic designer”, to joining our China creative & design team.

THP is not for everyone. If you think building a successful career involves bouncing from job to job, THP is not for you. If you want to make your life and career happen, THP is for you. Working with us gives you the opportunity to get the most out of yourself. Where do you want to be in one year… five years? 200 people, 10 nationalities, one common goal – strive for nothing less but becoming the best.

Join our team and restart a career you’ll love. 

Please visit for more information.


Job Description                                                         

  • This is a creative and dynamic design position.这是一项创新而动感的设计职位 
  • You will be inspired to keep learning in an open, innovative and diverse team-working environment to become a better designer, we are sure about it. 你会身处一个开放,创新,多元发展的团队合作型创作工作场景,我们非常确定你将成为一名更好的设计师。
  • And you will be facing various design cases from different business-to-businss industry leaders, designing the “right” design solutions in order to create a unique “guest experience”. 与此同时,你将面对来自不同B2B行业“领袖”公(ke)司(hu)的“缤纷”案例,来创造出“合适”的设计解决方案,来设计独一无二的“客户体验”。
  • Day-to-day job includes, event key visual creation & design, digital design & plan for wechat & webo. 每天创作工作具体包括:活动主视觉的创作与设计,数字化设计的创意策划(微信,微博)。


Our Requirement

  • Excellent understanding in aesthetics & visual design 对美学与视觉设计领域有出色的理解与认知
  • At least 3+ years experience or more in design agency, bachelor degree or above, major in visual communication. 至少三年以上的设计事务所的实战经验, 大学或大学以上学历, 主修品牌或视觉传达设计相关学位
  • Good at learning and always keeping pace with the times 善于学习,总能保持与时俱进
  • Positive working attitude and excellent team work spirit 积极的工作态度及团队合作精神
  • Good English & communication skills 良好的英语与沟通技巧


What We Offer

  • A dynamic position with continuous ongoing challenges, pressures and opportunities 
  • 一个带着持续挑战,压力与机遇的动感职位
  • The ultimate creative corporate culture which will challenge and support you 
  • 卓越创新的企业文化来挑战和支持个人与团队发展
  • A seasoned, diversified and professional elite team working with you 
  • 一支潮流,多元化及专业化的精英团队与你合作共事
  • Competitive and motivating salary package 富有竞争力与激励性的薪资福利
  • Continued training and development opportunities 持续的培训与发展机会
  • Incentives including the THP iDream challenge, TGIF theme events, team success bonus, and much more 其它诸如THP我的梦想挑战,TGIF系列活动,团队成功奖励,以及更多有趣的激励 

* Interested parties please feel free to send your application letter & CV to: