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THP Creatives

Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Creative Copywriter

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 1 year ago
Views: 264

Why THP Creatives (Thornehope)? 

THP Creatives (Thornehope) is an innovative, creative and international events agency & experience designer. We design & produce various corporate events & exhibits projects across 4 continents since 2009.

Due to our further growth, we are searching an energetic & professional Admin & HR specialist, who will play an important role in admin management & execution.

THP is not for everyone. If you are looking for a 9-to-5 cozy job, THP is not for you. If you want to develop your career in a unique environment, THP is for you. Working with us gives you the opportunity to get the most out of yourself. Where do you want to be in one year… five years? 200 people, 10 nationalities, one common goal – strive for nothing less but becoming the best.

Join our team and restart a career you’ll love. 

Please visit for more information


Job Description

The main scope of work includes, 主要工作范围包括:

  • Logical mind, good insights, capable of discovering and targeting clients’ creative requirements; 以良好的逻辑思维和洞察力精确发掘及定位客户创意需求;
  • Developing creative concepts and presenting in creative strategies based on projects and brand tones; 根据项目情况和品牌基调,提出创意概念和策略;
  • Write in multiple styles such as headline and summary individually; 独立撰写主概念、摘要等各种形式的创意文案;
  • Coordinate with the team to carry out creative plans; 协同团队共同执行创意方案;


Our Requirements

  • A good presenter with good communication skills, feel enjoyable to share and sell your ideas; 良好的沟通表达能力,乐于分享和传达创意观点;
  • Excellent verbal and writing skill, able to write in both Chinese and English; 出色的文字功底,可使用中英双语写作; 
  • At least 3-year experience of brand promotion, events copywriting or related working experience; 3年及以上大型活动文案、品牌宣传文案或相关工作经验;
  • Self-driven & positive working attitude and excellent team work spirit; 自觉主动的积极工作态度及团队合作精神;
  • bachelor degree or above, major in literature, journalism, advertising, marketing or related; 本科或以上学历,主修中文、新闻、广告、市场营销或相关专业;


What We Offer

  • A great opportunity to be true to yourself and be unique as a THPer. 一个忠于自己,做自己,做独特THP人的特别机会 
  • A dynamic position with continuous ongoing challenges, pressures and opportunities 一个带着持续挑战,压力与机遇的动感职位  
  • The ultimate creative corporate culture which will challenge and support you; 卓越创新的企业文化来挑战和支持个人与团队发展 
  • A seasoned, diversified and professional elite team working with you; 一支潮流,多元化及专业化的精英团队与你合作共事
  • Competitive and motivating salary package 富有竞争力与激励性的薪资福利
  • Continued training and development opportunities 持续的培训与发展机会 
  • Incentives including the THP iDream challenge, TGIF theme events, team success bonus, and much more 其它诸如THP我的梦想挑战,TGIF系列活动,团队成功奖励,以及更多有趣的激励