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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Art Director

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 2 years ago
Views: 2171


In a jungle of plants, smell of coffee and scent of fruit, you will be sitting on a comfy chair in front of a slick designed-in-California computer. After the usual morning chat, you will work your a** off to provide the best work you have ever done like if your life depends on it (and it actually does, doesn't it?). This, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day for a modest pay check at the end of the month, which will allow you to go enjoy the CNY break in Pattaya.

You will work for a flying-hospital, a candy maker, an international apothecary,  wine makers from the other side of the world, an alchemist of the 21st century - from China and other countries alike.  



  • Min. 6 years of experience as an Art Director
  • You are enthusiastic, positive and curious.
  • You are open minded, kind, and polite.
  • You keep learning.
  • You love what you do. You read and research about it.
  • Can independently plan a project and make a pitch
  • Plans the entire project, including schedule, workload arrangements and resources allocation;
  • Able to control the final result of the project;
  • Can provide a complete design solution, including early-stage design direction, followup corrections and pitch;
  • Ideal candidate understands brand strategy and creativity as a tool, helping ‘a client to solve a certain task’
  • Preferably has some business knowledge, for deeper understanding of clients’ needs and can advise on how to resolve issues by means of creativity. 
  • Art director should have an overall grasp of the project and complete understanding. In other words, art director handles the project from the beginning to end, and should be able not only provide a high-quality product, but consider the client’s needs as a bigger picture, ensuring of real-world applications of design product;
  • Art director can provide complete design direction/option/solution, and is able to perform design tasks at any stage of the project. 
  • Can think independently, have mature creative ideas, and is able to generate creative ideas quickly. 


How To Apply

Sounds appealing? You probably belong with us. Send your resume, your portfolio (PDF, 5Mb max), and any other relevant material to and tell us your story!


What You Need To Know About Us

PLTFRM is a branding and digital marketing consulting firm based in Shanghai. Our international team helps foreign and domestic brands build their image in China by adopting the local market expectations and meet Chinese consumers' aspirations. 

We value creative ideas, even the weirdest ones.

We deliver professional solutions, by combining perspectives.

We keep our horizons open, by learning from each other.

We love what we do and keep training.