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Jack Morton Worldwide

Large Agency | Shanghai

Senior Creative Director

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 5 months ago
Views: 257

Company Description

Jack Morton Worldwide is an award-winning global brand experience agency. We believe brands need extraordinary ideas that create emotional connections, fuel conversations and deliver business results. For more than 75 years, we have brought brands to life through event marketing, promotional marketing, sponsorship marketing, digital, social and mobile, content marketing and employee engagement. Jack Morton is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (NYSE: IPG).

Job Description

As a Senior Creative Director in our brand experience agency you are accountable for generating ‘big IDEAS’ anchored in the brand experience, as well as directing how those big IDEAS come to life in the form of creative expression, experiences, and tactics:

  • Your big IDEAS may help brands (both B2C and B2B) launch their products, services, and brand stores into the world through any combination of live and digital experiences. Your big launch IDEAS will almost certainly need to integrate multiple mediums and be able to work seamlessly with the work of other agency partners.
  • Your big IDEAS may help brands (both B2C and B2B) engage key target audiences (consumers, customers, and owner/user communities) through events, experiences, and ongoing campaigns. Your big IDEAS will need to be able to apply to both colorful consumer brands and drier corporate brands, as well as spanning the full range of experiences we create from meetings, conferences, and tradeshow exhibits to sponsorship activations and consumer lifestyle experiences.
  • Your big IDEAS may help brands of all types build stronger brands through experience thinking, applying your creativity to helping brands define and deliver stronger customer, retail, and employee experiences. Your big IDEAS will have the potential to change how our clients approach the fundamental tasks of brand-building, marketing, sales, and customer service.


  • You will be responsible for the overall quality of our creative work and raising the bar of our output across the board
  • You’ll work collaboratively your team and the larger community in the China office, to uncover fresh brand/product/ audience insights and define strategic approaches to solving our clients’ problems
  • You’ll take those fresh brand/product/audience insights and strategic approaches and turn them into big IDEAS
  • You’ll then lead a wider team of creative, design, technology, and production folks to bring your big IDEAs to life in the form of powerful creative expression and fresh, inventive creative experiences and tactics
  • You’ll be as comfortable bringing your big IDEAS to life in transitional (live and screen) mediums as well as progressive (digital, social, mobile) mediums, while maintaining a realistic alignment with production feasibility and budgets.
  • You’ll be absolutely at ease in presenting your ideas to both internal and external audiences (colleagues, clients, management, …)


  • You will act as a mentor, manager and team member. You will DO and not just DIRECT
  • You’ll mentor the wider creative delivery team to ensure that they’re progressively exposed to new creative thinking and new creative delivery ideas every day
  • You will be responsible for the creative product that leaves our house
  • You will be a partner to the Managing Director in building the brand and growing the business
  • You’ll be actively involved in the development and realization of the business goals
  • You’ll network with our global creative teams to share ideas, knowledge and resources locally
  • You’ll help to articulate and sell Jack Morton to our clients the quality of your thinking, presentation skills, relationship-building abilities and passion for their brands/products and our business


  • Your career so far has given you a brilliant background in the world of visual storytelling and creativity around brands
  • Definitely leading you with a brilliant sense of how to tell stories about brands to multiple audiences through breakthrough visual design and creativity (with digital always a key part of how you think)
  • Above all, you are passionate about brands, stories, ideas, and design…and you’re fascinated with how to apply that passion and expertise across areas like sponsorship and promotional marketing, content marketing and employee engagement.
  • Possibly at a leading experiential marketing or brand experience agency, or perhaps at a non-traditional agency where you have been exposed to the world of physical experiences, environments, and live storytelling
  • You get a brand experience idea when you see it
  • You can build and lead ensemble teams (digital ideas, design direction, 3D environmental stuff, ideas (conceptual) and live show)

If you're our person and have what it takes, you're likely to be:

  • At least 10 years into your creative career at an agency that plays in the brand or experience space
  • Absolutely passionate about brands and businesses and the way they need to communicate with the people that matter most to them
  • As brilliant at working alone (self motivated) as you are as part of a team (the motivator)