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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Strategic Planner

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 8 months ago
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> At centdegres, the Strategic Planning team works on the BRAND CREATIVE THINKING, whether it is on brand strategy, brand platform or design concepts.


> The Strategic Planning team works with all the teams: business development, consultants, designers.


> The Strategic Planning team is often the first team to work on a project. It is in charge of building the brand basis, to ensure a perfect brand identity consistency through the whole branding project.


> A complete project includes the following: Brand strategy / Brand platform / Visual identity / Product design / Store architecture / Communication platform.


> Strategic planning has a role to play at every stage:

  • to build and then ensure a perfect implementation of the brand concept through all the design works
  • to value the designs in creating attractive storytelling around them
  • to infuse the team with relevant market insights or fresh ideas



> Whatever the mission, a project always follows 4 big steps:


1.  Kick-off meeting

à Meeting the client, getting all the information required for the project


2.  Creative exploration

à Introducing 2-3 creative concept routes


3.  Development

à Updating and developing the selected route based on the client’s feedbacks


4.   Finalization

à Finalizing the final brand book validated by the client







Vision workshop:

Sometimes, when a prospect needs to be convinced of centdegres’ right fit for them, we build a “vision workshop” presentation during the prospection stage.

It includes the following:

  • Brand introduction
  • Our right understanding of the client’s objectives & challenges
  • Recap of centdegres’s scope of missions, the client’s needs
  • Some market insights about competitors, consumers, trends on the client’s market segment
  • Some first strategic recommendations or quick ideas of concept/style universe for the client’s project
  • centdegres methodology presentation



During the prospection stage, design agencies often participate to pitch against other agencies. These pitches include the same elements as in the vision workshop, sometimes more developed, plus some design creations.


Professional exhibition / fair booth concept:

centdegres business development strategy relies a lot on beautiful partnerships with famous professional fairs (China Beauty Expo, Luxepack, Cosmoprof, BBAB in Bangkok, etc.)

These partnerships include the creation of unique concepts, experiences and contents for the visitors to discover in order to enhance their fair experience.

Your mission will be the following:

  • centdegres booth concept What is the booth thematic? What will happen on this booth?
  • Experience guidelines for the How to guide the visitors to discover the booth experience?
  • Support to the designers when creating designs that embody the validated concept
  • Communication content creation (leaflets, newsletters, press release…)


New industry / brand to target recommendations:

  • During your market researches or trend forecasts, you may find interesting market segments or brands to Do not hesitate to send an email to the business development team, so they can contact these brands, or put extra efforts on these market segments.
  • You may be asked to conduct some research on a new segment the agency wishes to develop, for instance the soap segment or the tea segment in The research will include a market study about the market evolution these past years, a competitive analysis on this segment, the trends, the consumer profile, etc.




Market analysis:

All the mission include a market analysis stage to get comfortable with the client’s business, answer well to what the consumers expect, and ensure we will propose concepts and designs that do not exist yet.

A market analysis includes:

  • Basic introduction (facts & figures)
  • Key players
  • Consumer profile
  • Upcoming trends


General inspirations on a given topic:

Sometimes, the designers need some research for inspiration about a specific project/topic. Fill them with inspiring visuals, upcoming market trends, interesting benchmarks, etc.


Trends forecast:

centdegres is aiming at launching a new trend expertise in the coming months. You might work on the this new offer definition

Trend book? Trend workshop? Trend conferences? Trends blog? Which price? Which target? How to launch it? How to sell it? Etc.





A brand strategy is often signed with a client creating from scratch a new brand, or totally rethinking its existing brand stategy, or group portfolio.


The brand strategy includes:

  • Market analysis & opportunities
  • Key success factors
  • Positioning
  • Target description
  • Brand promise
  • Reason to believe
  • Product portfolio and benefits
  • Launch strategy




The brand platform builds the brand concept, storytelling and the brand style, and gives first recommendations on how to activate them.


The brand platform includes:

  • Brand positioning
  • Manifesto
  • Aspirational target
  • Unique selling point / competitive advantage
  • Brand key pillars
  • Brand platform (vision, mission, ambition, values)
  • Brand concept
  • Brand moodboard
  • Brand storytelling
  • Inputs on the marketing mix
  • General style universe





Style platform & design system:

The style platform defines the style pillars of a brand. It requires to work on one general design universe, and to develop it through various style pillars across graphic design, product design and architecture.

You will support the design teams through concepts and key words writing and picture search for moodboards.


Design concept definition:

Our design creation are always driven and introduced by a concept, linked to the brand platform and the client’s brief.

You will support the designers to put in words and pictures these concepts, in order to value their design within an attractive presentation.


Naming and slogan / visual identity:

When creating a logo or revamping a visual identity system, the question of naming (in Chinese and English) and slogan is often key to the project.

You will also support the graphic designer team to reflect around the placement of the various graphic elements within the logo system, according to the brand strategy.


User experience / product design:

When designing a product shape, the user experience is very important to reflect on. It gives a true added-value to the design.

User experience can be on unique materials, surprising hidden graphic elements, ergonomic convenient shapes, etc.


Consumer journey / architecture:

When, designing a space, we need to define a zoning with a specific consumer path, and meeting points of experience for the consumer.

This consumer path, and the place each element (cashier, discovery table, entrance, display, resting area, etc.) takes, should answer to the space objectives mentioned in the brief: sales, or experience, or traffic, etc.





The communication platform defines how to communicate about the brand and its offer towards the consumers.


The communication platform includes:

  • Brand communication concept
  • Brand key messages / thematics
  • Brand claim / slogan
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Communication style guidelines
  • Communication channels
  • Required communication tools
  • Partnership recommendations
  • Communication planning
  • Activation recommendations