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Stellar Works

Large Agency | Shanghai

Sr. Project Manager

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 21 days ago
Views: 155

Responsibilities (but not limited to):

  • Search for customer resources actively through a variety of ways, expand the target market, visit and expand customers, receive customers to the company;
  • Communicate with customers through mail and phone to clarify customer expectations and maintain customer relationship;
  • Communicate with global designers to have detail information about furniture design and relevant information;
  • Deal with the price and the cost analysis of the project, and control the cost;
  • Take part in the bidding project and prepare the contract;
  • Responsible for the design of bespoke furniture structure and the formulation of production rules;
  • Audit drawings, propose production plan when necessary; plan, execute, and track the production plan and arrange the shipments;
  • Tracking the stock of material, hardware to ensure product quality and quantity delivery on schedule;
  • Tracking the production of outsourcing, and ensure the product quality and quantity on schedule delivery;
  • Communicate with the Production, Purchasing and Outsourcing department to prepare for the material samples, and keep in touch with the proprietor and designer to meet customer’s requirements;
  • Deal with after-sale services, complaints and other related matters;
  • Track the customer payment and the arrangement of payment by internal suppliers;
  • Other work arranged by superior leaders.


  • Bachelor's degree or above, more than 5 years of furniture marketing development and project management experience;
  • Familiar with the production technology of furniture and furniture materials, can understand the drawings;
  • Have rich connections and customer resources in furniture industry, such as hotel owners, interior designers, soft clothes designers, hotel management companies, large contractor, etc.;
  • Good command of Mandarin and English both in oral and written;
  • Strong communication and coordination ability;
  • Can work under pressure and dependently complete the large project from the marketing receipt to technical details confirm the whole process of the production and shipments;
  • Familiar with office software such as Word, Excel, PPT, PS and so on;
  • Have a certain command of foreign trade export shipping knowledge, familiar with the basic procedures for import and export foreign trade.