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ZOMAR Studio

Boutique Agency | Shanghai

A New Era

Computer Game Content, Set of American Freight Train

A New Era is one of ZOMAR Studio's cooperation projects with Trainz Team, which is known as "the best railroad simulator in the world".

As the creator of its core content, ZOMAR's job is aiming to raise the player experience and increase the influence in the global game market. The goal of the project was to create a re-appearance of the classic steam locos which already disappeared in high-quality 3D modeling, thus preserving the industrial heritage of transportation by providing a fun player experience of driving old steam locos.

Challenges — in tech, there's always the challenge of keeping the perfect balance between real details and adaptability of the game system. Classic locos contain much more details than modern trains in appearance, so ZOMAR needed to keep high complexity as one of the key features of steam locos and make sure all contents worked smoothly in the system at the same time.

In design, the ZOMAR team worked a lot on research by all means; assumption, creation, testing and proof are essential and inevitable, when facing problems such as blueprints going missing or being partially destroyed because of the age of time.

eg; Even the number of rivets on the model is exactly the same with the one on the real locos. ZOMAR is proud to say its team is doing standard-setting work in the railroad simulator profession.

Results generated after the project's completion — on PC, A New Era has sold over 1 Million units and has garnered more than 500,000 registered members on the Trainz website.

#1 Ranked iPad Simulation Game in 55 countries
Ranked in the top 100 iPad Games in 9 of 19 months in USA
Ranked in the top 100 iPad Games in 17 of 19 months in Australia (Top 10 on 3 occasions)
Consistently ranking in the Top 20 Simulators in the UK for over 18 months