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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Interior Design for Ciao Chow [Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong]

Kokaistudios has completed the interior design of Ciao Chow, an innovative Italian Cafeteria in Lan Kwai Fong Group’s California Tower in Central, a destination quickly becoming Hong Kong’s hottest dining hub. The restaurant is Kokaistudios’ latest project in the city as they continue to spread their footprint with bespoke and iconic hospitality designs in Asia. The Bite Group, a leading Hong Kong F&B Group, approached Kokaistudios based on the recommedation of the Lan Kwai Fung Group and chose to work with us due to our experience of designing top F&B locations across China; our Italian background and our collaborative approach to develop new dining concepts.

Kokaistudios decided on making the 2 large copper and brick pizza ovens; key elements in making Ciao Chow the only “Verace Pizza Napoletana” certified restaurant in Hong Kong; the core of the project and they formed the starting point for the system of industrial style copper lighting display system that extends throughout the restaurant and finishes in the large light installation at the entrance. The industrial metal materials and terrazzo flooring that extends up the walls contrast with the softer more precious materials including the white marble chef’s working stations and the leather backed banquette style seating systems designed specifically to encourage a food concept that emphasizes sharing dishes that is both typical of the Italian cuisine and perfectly adapted to Hong Kong’s food culture.

The extensive bar; featuring 25 taps of draft beers and an Italian cocktail menu curated by Master Mixologist, Douglas Williams; is located close to the restaurant’s entrance which is composed of a series of sliding doors that are largely left completely open thus creating a welcoming alfresco drinking and dining experience in one of the busiest corners of the city. Ciao Chow has grown into one of the top restaurants in Lan Kwai Fung and stands as another successful example of Kokaistudios flexible design approach and focus on creating destinations tailor made to our client’s needs.

Project: Ciao Chow
Location: California Tower, Central, Hong Kong
Size: 350 sqm
Interior Designer: Kokaistudios
Photography: Ella Lai
Completion: December 2015