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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Default Portfolio

  • The Outlet and the shopping mall are two different areas in the organization of the shopping experience. We decided to link them together with a modern red tone façade and to add different details in order to differentiate the 2 areas. For the Outlet the Modern Red façade go down to the floor and at the contrary for the commercial part, the façade stops at the second floor. In both cases, doors, windows display and entrances access are different. The concept of the residential The residential buildings above the commercial are composed by small apartment, which target young customers. We proposed to reflect the function of the building and create a young and dynamic building façade design. Our mission includes also the interior design concept of 30.000sqm public access of the complete shopping mall.

  • The master plan is divided into several areas according to the size of the apartments and according to the target profiles. The main entrance receives young tenant targets with most of the commercials in the bottom. The more we continue on the landscape through the south, the more the apartment size change with their environment targeting and satisfying needs of young and old families. The constructible land size for residential is around 227.000sqm with an FAR of 2,5. The complex is composed by 1750 apartment with 1600 car park and 20.000sqm commercial space. Our proposal wins the second place.

  • Located in Astana Kazakhstan, The “Orken 4” project is a modern residential complex located in the downtown of Astana, in one of the best location. Due to the lands arrangement and modern city centre’s planning standards. We proposed an architecture composed by four towers above two offices and commercial floors. The project is still in concept stage and waiting for investment for further development.

  • The high-end residential project located in Hami Xinjiang will be one of the most advanced residential projects in Xinjiang. Its unique master plan is very different from the traditional local Residential organization and its similar to the south china residential program. Low-rise buildings, spacious apartments and architecture more integrated into the landscape characterize the project. Waterfront houses create relaxing resort atmosphere. The land presents a unique Water landscape, which bring luxury freshness, calm, and quietness. The entire residential land is “car free” creating a great and safe walk able space for activities. This project will also have the particularity to be sustainable between 20 to 30%. The residential area covers a land of 111,000sqm with 934 apartments, 930 car park spaces and 10600sqm of commercial spaces.