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Freelancer | Shanghai

K+ Colorplan

Commissioned by Kinetic Singapore to curate an exhibition for the launch of Colorplan in collaboration with RJ Paper, which was held at K+.

Hosted at Scotts Square, K+ is a curatorial space showcasing noteworthy, new, or under-the-radar artists with select collaborators from the little red dot and beyond. From 7 October to 20 November 2016, K+ featured Colorplan, an iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards used by creatives worldwide; first created in 1972, the pioneering paper range offers 50 vibrant colours, 25 embossings, and 8 weights. The exhibition, produced in collaboration with RJ Paper, celebrated the launch of British paper company G F Smith’s range of papers in Southeast Asia.

Artworks by six artists explored the uses of paper beyond the ordinary and in the context of modern Singapore society. Each installation bridged design and craft to showcase Colorplan’s variety of colours and weights. Colorplan’s very invention was an innovation in the paper and design realms, so it stands to reason that the accompanying artworks ought to be equally inventive. The six creatives were chosen for their expertise in various fields, which they translated to use on paper: Lekker Architects utilised their mastery of the spatial, structural and ornamental, as previously seen in their window displays for Hermès; Modular Unit brought together technology and the ancient art of ceramics; Ng Si Han and Rae Lim showcased adroit flair in such paper crafts as cut outs and structural tessellation; Rachele Ho presented mixed media art combining illustration and thread work; and Tina Fung, a multidisciplinary set designer for ZOUK, offered the audience an opportunity for three-dimensional interaction with paper, mirrors, and lighting.

In keeping with the celebration of colour, the walls of the space were not left white, as is common in galleries, but painted to match some of Colorplan’s offerings. The exhibition launch of G F Smith’s iconic Colorplan paper range allowed for the unconventional explorations of a material already familiar to all creatives.