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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Interior Design for Mr & Mrs Bund [Bund 18, Shanghai]

Kokaistudios has undertaken a transformative redesign of Mr&MrsBund; internationally acclaimed chef Paul Pairet’s flagship restaurant in Shanghai. Kokaistudios was tremendously excited to be asked by Pairet to revisit his innovative culinary destination and re-launch this iconic, long-standing institution located on the 6thfloor of the Bund 18 building, a UNESCO awarded project which was Kokaistudios first project in China eleven years ago.

The Client aimed for a complete reinvention of the interiors that capitalized on Kokaistudios’European design ethos, their ability to craft bespoke, luxurious environments, and provenance of delivering exceptional new concepts for an international clientele in the Asian context. Through a collaborative approach, Kokaistudios has created a unique and innovative product tailored for Chef Pairet’s democratic cuisine. Mr&Mrs Bund is an intentionally casual high end dining space free from the confines and norms of traditional fine dining - it can transform its characteristics through the day from business lunch destination, to evening fine dining and onto an irreverent late night venue - whilst full of subtle surprises and discoveries for all diners. The bespoke design fully encapsulates Chef Pairet’s artisanal philosophy and spirit, complementing and elevating the cuisine to create a multi-dimensional experience for diners.

Kokaistudios’ design response is inspired by a modern interpretation of a French brasserie. Utilizing classic French motifs and a palette of materials typical of French traditions in an intelligent and light-hearted fashion, the Studio has created an adaptable environment. The custom lighting system adds a dual character to the restaurant - soft and elegant in the daytime; dynamic and romantic at night. It is further enhanced by a series of custom designed furniture’s, the trompe-l’œilon the walls and innovative seating design. The entire back of house has also undergone an immensely complex re-design to cater for Chef Pairet’s greatly enhanced menu serving 3 settings of diners in a 160-seat restaurant.

From its former accommodation in a pre-existing venue to now having its bespoke-designed environment, Mr&Mrs Bund has come a long way in building its name as a Shanghai institution. The artistic collaboration between Kokaistudios and Chef Pairet has already strengthened the restaurant’s status - now rated in the Asian top 20 and Shanghai’s top 4 destinations - and status within Bund 18, the culinary mecca for discerning diners across the world. In all, Mr&Mrs Bund demonstrates Kokaistudios’ expertise in collaborating intimately with masters of culinary arts to craft physical products that manifest their cuisine concepts.
Project: Mr & Mrs Bund, Modern Eatery By Paul Pairet
Location: Bund 18, 6/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Shanghai 200002
Size: 1300 sqm
Interior Designer:Kokaistudios
Photography: Charlie Xia
Completion: April 2015