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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Messaging and Branding for Energy-Saving Windows

VEKA Group is the world-wide market leader in uPVC windows profiles. Founded in Germany in 1969, VEKA today is a global enterprise that offers manufacturing, training and recycling of uPVC profiles.

China is a difficult business environment for such a company, as energy-efficiency is often trumped by price considerations and brand awareness of VEKA is low.

New Approach for B2C and B2B clients

VEKA China management together with JungleFish developed a new presentation platform and messaging to better promote VEKA and highlight the advantages not only to B2B clients but also to end-users. The newly branded community platform for end-users and dealers went live last autumn.

For the B2B market, the new branding is effective now: a new website that covers the whole Asia Pacific market as well as a full range of marketing materials and stationery featuring the new branding was developed.

VEKA is here to stay

The website for China features the new brand logo with tagline and showcases the whole VEKA product line for windows and doors. Extensive project cases show VEKAs expertise in the Chinese market and updated Chinese regulations, which are intended to promote energy conservation, are introduced.

How different glasses, window profiles and walls together affect the total insulation level of a building is extensively demonstrated.

VEKA is a pioneer but after 13 year in China also experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements and expectations in this market. With increasing awareness of energy-conservation needs, tightened regulations and the new localized brand and messaging, VEKA and China are now ready for each other.


  • The bi-lingual brand brochure highlights Veka's expertise in Energy-Saving Technology and demonstrates their expertise in handling large projects in China.

  • Commercial clients and end-users are addressed with their distinct brand platforms. The newly created B2C-platform enables end-users to compare cost, understand features of different window materials and provides independent dealers with a professional online channel.

  • The B2B Website showcases Veka's China expertise and brand background.

  • A set of bi-lingual datasheets provides concise and consistent information and reveals the energy saving performance of different frame and glass configurations.

  • Strong focus is given to the topic of energy conservation in China. Users can look up current government regulations and explore the formula to calculate the insulation performance of a window.