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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Full Product development: Janus watch dual dial

Janus was born from this deep satisfaction of holding a high quality product. Not everything must be connected. French inspired and brewed in Shanghai, the Janus is a real treat for all analog watch lovers. Thanks to its dual-dials and interchangeable strap, it is a good conversation starter and will make heads turn. User can flip and/or switch dials, and change straps to match daily outfit and activities. The case and lugs are made of steel and show first-rate finishing surface treatment and details. Straps are made of genuine leather with inner reinforcement to sustain daily wear.
This is our first product developed in-house, we'll add more soon.

  • All our models are designed and assembled in Shanghai. We offer a mix of automatic and quartz movements within one case. One side is powered by Chinese Peacock automatic caliber SL1701 while the other side is powered by Japanese Myota quartz. This gives the opportunity for dual time zone and double the space to develop creative dials.

  • Each box is designed to be used as a storage for your watch collection: 4 straps and 3 watch cases could be properly store inside.

  • We are not super active but we do share some eye candy stuff. stay connected with us there: @wolkov_design

  • All our straps are made of genuine leather. Our second option of strap (NATO type) are made of a double-layered polyamide thread combining 3 strain of color to add depth and texture.

  • Special Packaging box for 9 watch cases. Only for hardcore fan.

  • Our unique clipping system has no extra moving parts and only use specific material resistance (from an invisible insert made of PP) to create the clipping spring feature. The design solution is striking visually and drove the design style from inside out, as we didn’t try to conceal it. The watchcase and lugs are made of high quality steel (316L) with over 8h of polishing process (usual watch are polish under 2h).

  • Designers working. New product on our pipeline...