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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Full Product family and Brand development

A spark of energy. A strike of color. No more, no less. Stripe away all the unnecessary and keep the core. Run. Sweat. Get the sh** done. With style. Targeting gym centers and professional users, the design supports tough coaching with clean lines and pure shapes.

Fitness Solution (owner of the Monami brand) is a traditional fitness equipment distributor with big dreams: to develop their own fitness brand and product line. Following closely the tremendous growth of China fitness market, they approached us last year to develop their new brand and full product line, starting with the treadmill.

We opted for a rough and urban design direction. No extra decoration. Mostly playing with color to define functions and volumes, focusing on smooth shapes transitions to enhance simple lines. The entire product line will be completed this spring 2019, including a recumbent bike, spinning bike and an elliptical machine. The full-strength line will also be developed along with free weight and other fitness accessories.

  • We name the new collection AKIRA, from Katsuhiro Otomo's manga masterpiece. Akira design and atmosphere were way ahead of its release time. It was and still is, pure urban energy, it's just so brute, a massive raw energy like Testuo or Akira himself.

  • We developed the entire VI for Monami, from the name (registered by William in France) to the logo and brand tonality definition. The entire process took around 3 months to be completed back in 2018. We are now responsible for their marketing content creation and we keep producing videos and stunning visuals to support the launch of all the products we are designing.

  • We are responsible for producing all promotional content to support MONAMI product launches. Each product designed needs its own promotional videos introducing each product's features and specs.

  • The production factory in Taiwan faced some difficulties given our design constraints. Some partitions lines were not well-located, mold size was quite big and we had to make some concessions to match the initial production budget. We run trough around 20 iterations before reaching the final design and we had to build several models to ensure a clear understanding of what surfaces we were aiming for. Such design language is alien to this field and the energy we spent on each surface was something new for the factory. So we end up spending a lot of time “teaching” them about surface quality and details. The final result worth the energy and effort spent.

  • Within the first 3 months of sales, the distributor has outperformed their yearly sales objectives and are well on their way to reach their 3 year plan (over 1,000 pcs) within the first year. Since 2018, William has becoming MONAMI Art Director and WOLKOV DESIGN is now commissioned to develop the entire MONAMI product family: elliptical and recumbent bikes are coming to the market very soon, strength line and other fitness accessories are under development.