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Octopus Innovation

Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Full Brand (CI+VI) Development

IchiMore commissioned us to rework their logo and define their strategic vision for the coming 10 years. In direct contact with the CEO we gained extra market insights and the opportunity to push the vision towards a very innovative positioning. We started on the Corporate Identity (CI) and slowly moved on refining as well the entire Visual Identity (VI) of the company; corporate as well as marketing sides.

  • The new brand DNA was refocused on the natural aspect of IchiMore product. We developed a completely new brand story based on the insights gained during intensive interviews with their production and management teams.

  • Final brand manual was divided between a corporate identity (CI) that defined the entire business side of the brand (internal use, signage system, B2B collaterals) and the marketing side; focusing on the end-customers: POS systems, booth design, automatic machine as well as promotional posters and other marketing materials.

  • The new logo was clean-up to emphasise the quality of IchiMore’s drinks (they filter their water 12 times as a simple example). No need decoration on the typo when the brand is all about purity and top quality raw materials. We adjusted the logo angle to a precise 10 degree to illustrate the slow process of becoming healthy through a good diet and daily exercises.

  • Snapshot of the Corporate Identity aspect of the brand book.

  • Snapshot of the Marketing side of the brand book. Strong focus on practical items that the sales team could use to promote IchiMore products.

  • Full set of IchiMore products implementing the new visual identity: graphics on the can bottle, all visuals on the glass bottle as well as all packaging sets.

  • We were also requested to develop their new online presence, starting with their ecom website where we played with large HD emotional images to highlight the new identity and new positioning.

  • Final aspect of our cooperation was the launch of WeChat campaigns synchronized with their TMall store and website. Several campaigns were conducted to aggregate followers and create an online community enabling IchiMore to create direct relationship and taylor-made promotions for their loyal clients.