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Large Agency | Shanghai

The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line, Belgium:

Life is like a box of chocolates…

Swedbrand worked together with the team of Dominique Persoone, the Belgian ‘shock-o-latier’ to create a new range of packaging for his revolutionary chocolate creations at The Chocolate Line. Dominique’s shops are in the Michelin Guide and he has worked with chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and Albert Adriá, hat designer Stephen Jones, artist Spencer Tunick, fashion designer Nicky Vankets and he developed the ‘chocolate shooter’ for The Rolling Stones. A packaging solution for Dominique had to be world class.

The Challenge

Being a chocolatier in Belgium puts you in pretty good company. Dominique Persoone, the creator of The Chocolate Line understood that chocolate quality is of the utmost importance but alone is not enough to set you apart from the crowd. His vision was to inject the chocolate industry with creative innovation. Swedbrand's task was to update their packaging to align with Dominique’s vision, reflect the quality and luxury of his creations while elevating The Chocolate Line brand to a new level.

Swedbrand's Solution

Recognition for Dominique and The Chocolate Line from the Michelin Guide and supplying a portfolio of top restaurants raised the bar to a whole new level and the Swedbrand team's packaging solution had to reflect that. Swedbrand upgraded the existing packaging, updating its structure and materials and worked with Fabienne De Staerke, designer of the original box graphics, creating brand consistency across the collection of bags and boxes. Quality, cost effectiveness and maintaining the element of family history in the brand were also high priorities. Extensive overseas research led to new production and packaging alternatives. The team also sourced premium materials that adhered to the budget and attained the highest Intertek food packaging standards, yet did not jeopardize the overall level of quality required to reflect the ingenious desserts inside.

The Result

A new partnership has been formed. The Chocolate Line have seen their updated packaging elevate their brand to a higher level and credit Swedbrand with playing a part in taking their chocolate into the Luxury arena. A range of five premium boxes and handmade paper bags were updated, produced and shipped. All equipped with scannable QR codes that link users to The Chocolate Line website. The two companies have agreed a long-term partnership to ensure The Chocolate Line’s packaging is always current and in line with Dominique’s vision for the future of chocolate.

  • The Chocolate Line Logotype

  • Belgium premium chocolate making.

  • The Result: A range of five premium designed boxes and handmade paper bags produced and shipped.

  • All boxes equipped with scannable QR codes that link users to The Chocolate Line website.

  • Premium chocolate served with a happy smile in the The Chocolate Line store.