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Large Agency | Shanghai


AXFOOD AB, Sweden:

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Swedbrand helped organize, create and warehouse the new range of packaging for Axfood's own-brand (func), energy saving light bulbs to be sold in their Willys, Hemköp and PrisXtra chains, comprising of over 240 stores.

The Challenge
Axfood, the second largest supermarket chain in Sweden, asked Swedbrand to package their new line of energy saving light bulbs. With a large part of the development budget going to research, sourcing and testing the bulbs themselves the real challenge was to create a high-quality packaging solution on a minimal portion of the budget. All of this for a product as delicate as a light bulb—a true test of structural packaging proficiency.

Swedbrand's Solution

Speed and communication. Involved at the very start of the project, Swedbrand assigned its production and logistics coordinators along with a project manager to supervise the project and keep communication between all parties in Sweden, London and China updated at all times. The Swedbrand team also assisted with product sourcing in China, testing in Sweden, design coordination in London, structural package development, shipping and warehousing. Seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions for a potentially expensive curved box, Swedbrand recommended a Korean paper known for its long fibers, which hold their shape despite long durations in storage. To keep costs low, high quantities were produced and warehoused, which was a key factor.

The Result

The result was 2 million energy-saving light bulbs produced, tested, packaged, shipped and warehoused ready for delivery within 48 hours of receiving an order from Axfood. Swedbrand's production and logistics coordinator continues to monitor the stock levels of each item and updates the client on a regular basis with the quantities available for delivery.

  • Axfood Logotype

  • Swedbrand helped organize, create and warehouse the new range of packaging for Axfood's own-brand (func).

  • Close-up and details of the packaging design.

  • Top of the packaging solution.

  • func energy saving light bulbs presented in Axfoods supermarket chains Willys, Hemköp and PrisXtra, comprising of over 240 stores.