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Studio Twist

Large Agency | Shanghai

Green Air Hotel – a Hotel that Grows Fresh Air

Green Air Hotel – a Hotel that Grows Fresh Air

2014 Radical Innovation Award Winning Concept by Studio Twist addresses China’s double crisis of air pollution and many hotels in need of revamping.

The Green Air Hotel is a new concept that addresses China’s air pollution crisis by tapping a current market opportunity where many independent brand hotels are in need of revamp. Based on scientific research by NASA and other scientists, the Green Air Hotel is a hotel that grows fresh air, by inserting natural 'green lungs' to existing hotels to perform as natural air filters, removing harmful toxins and replenishing the indoor environment with clean air.

Not only will many existing hotels benefit from an upgrading and branding, this is the first generation of hotels that utilizes plants deliberately and extensively to improve air quality, while beautifying the environment. In whole, this realizes a sustainable symbiotic concept that results in a natural and rejuvenating hotel experience.

The Green Air Hotel concept by Shanghai-based architectural design firm Studio Twist was presented to an esteemed panel of design and business leaders at the HOSPITALITY DESIGN EXPO in Las Vegas on May 15 2014, and was voted 2014 RADICAL INNOVATION AWARD Grand Prize winner by the audience.

Dr. Bill Wolverton, Ph.D., Retired NASA Research Scientist, Author of “How to Grow Fresh Air” and “Plants: Why You Can’t Live Without Them”, provided a review:

"Science has now offered definitive proof to bolster what we have always known instinctively – that humans benefit from a close association with nature. As we live in increasingly complex societies and living spaces, enveloped by synthetic materials and furnishings, it is even more vital to remain in contact with nature. By designing living plant systems into our modern buildings, we have the potential to not only produce healthy indoor air, but to also save on energy costs, increase worker productivity and reduce healthcare costs.
The innovative ‘Green Air Hotel’ takes this concept beyond anything that has yet been implemented. This concept could prove vitally important in crowded, heavily polluted cities.”

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Singaporean architect Lip Chiong founded Studio Twist in Shanghai in 2007. Prior to this, he worked in ARUP London (2002-2006) and was a founding member of Advanced Geometry Unit led by Cecil Balmond and Charles Walker. Lip has taught at the Architectural Association, London as an Intermediate Unit Master with Charles Walker (2003-2005) and served as a guest tutor for the Urban Planning Faculty at the Tongji University in Shanghai (2007-2008). Lip received his formal architectural education in National University of Singapore School of Architecture (1997-1999) and the Architectural Association Diploma School in London (2000-2002) and graduated with Technical Thesis Distinction.

  • Green Air Hotel – a Hotel that Grows Fresh Air