Designer Downloads: Productivity Apps


"Asana is a really helpful project management app which works on mobile as well as on your computer browser. Managing a team based in Bangkok and Shanghai, as well as extensive travel, make this app essential to delivering projects to clients. The app allows you to assign tasks, schedule due dates, comment on tasks and organize tasks by projects, among other useful features."

— Anchalika Wongwaiwisarn

Managing Director, Neat Interactive


"Based on our budgets and time estimates in our quotes we have to track all of the time used on each project to determine company and department profit. We use a software called Harvest to do that. Harvest not only tracks time but gives visual reports, timesheets and can manage invoicing and estimates... I did a lot of research on time tracking/productivity software but decided Harvest was best for us."

— Chad Lethbridge Creative Director, Swedbrand

Baidu Translate

"Baidu Translate has a very cool feature that can translate an image from Chinese to English. So for example, if I can't read a sign or even a label, I can take a photo of it and it can translate it. You can actually even use your camera and it will directly translate the object for you!"

— Don Yap

Photographer, Don Yap Photography


"I often forget things someone has told me about before, especially when someone tips you about an amazing holiday destination, hotel or bar to visit. This app helps me to remember anything I want to come back to in the future—over the past years, I've made lists for groceries, music to listen to, films to watch, books to read, clubs to visit, etc. It's not only helpful to remember, but also saves paper and allows you to edit your grocery lists or share them with your partner."

— Florijn Steenhuisen

Business Development, Bundspace


"Since I discovered it, I'm totally in love with Prezi! ( is a cloud-based presentation app). It allows you to put all your content on a single canvas—instead of creating a series of separate slides—and then you trace a path from one item to another. You can create animated presentations with a few clicks!"

— Veronica Beretta

Abukai Expenses

 "A 'boring' mobile app I use a lot is Abukai Expenses which helps me to perform the mundane task of filing expense reports and reimbursements. You can take pictures of the fapiao, submit them, and receive a finished report."

— Veronica Beretta

Event Manager [Creative Services], MCI Group

NetEase Youdao [有道云笔记]

"If you are familiar with the Chinese language, then NetEase Youdao is a great app for taking notes and enhancing productivity. The handwriting experience is great and the app is password-protect for important documents. I'm actually also a fan of Adobe Reader. The app is great for reading PDFs on the go and highlighting key parts or making notes."

—Ying Mu

Corporate Branding Manager, Labbrand


"This might seem like an obvious choice but WeChat is really my 'go-to' app to virtually communicate with my team, the media and even clients. Its group chat function is smartly designed for real-time text, voice and visual messages—all while keeping a neat record of it. I have even conducted interviews on WeChat vs. the phone as the app allows voice messages to be replayed for clarity and recorded for archive. It's a handy web and mobile app that has really changed and enhanced professional communication and productivity."

— Wendy Fung

Corporate Communications, Ogilvy & Mather China


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