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Seventy Agency Shanghai

Senior Art Director (资深美术指导)

Location: Shanghai
Posted: 7 months ago
Views: 379

Company Description

Seventy Agency Shanghai is a branding and communication agency in China market. We do brand strategy, business development, performance marketing, digital development, design and communication, campaign execution and more.

We hire: “brilliant misfits” from digital agencies, design agencies, brand agencies, management consulting, production companies and tech-startups. With 45 employees in Shanghai and 60 at headquarter office in Stockholm. or
Mindset comes the first. We’d like to ensure you are one of us!
1. Open-minded to different opinions and approaches
2. Always hunger for new things and better / smarter problem-solving solutions
3. Do GREAT work and be able to share it with people
4. Be “boring” - It’s the only way to get work done
5. Be “interesting” - owning your side projects and hobbies
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to: Please also send us your expected salary. Thanks!

Job Description

  • Collaborate with the Creative team and leads conceptualizing/brainstorming meetings as needed. Reviews and revise concepts with Creative Director prior to presenting to client
  • Establishes and communicates to senior team and respected project owners behind concept and or/design direction
  • Creates various Graphic Design, Digital Imaging and CI/VI design for Web, ATL & BTL and Digital campaign
  • Assist other team members when needed and be accessible to other Art Directors and designers for creative and technical assignments
  • Visually integrate and enhance web architecture, UI /UX and navigation outlined by Creative Director, Planner or technical team
  • Supervise photo and/or video shoots or any third party vendors including final productions of ATL & BTL
  • Manages, mentors and creates strong team-centric atmosphere.



  • Minimum of 5 years experience. Great understanding of web, Digital, typography, illustration, and photography for ATL & BTL
  • Great knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver
  • Knowledge in InDesign, printing production and DI(Digital Imaging) skill is a plus
  • Degree in Design/Fine Arts
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor
  • Ability to interact professionally and resolve creative issues with team members
  • Ability to work under pressure and under very minimum supervision of a senior creative or management
  • Strong analytical skills and highly organized with ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously to meet deadlines for a fast-paced environment



  • 与创意团队合作并能领导团队展开头脑风暴会议。提交客户之前在创意总监的指导下对概念和设计进行修改
  • 建立团队并积极沟通,尊重项目负责人或设计总监的设计理念
  • 能独立完成不同设计项目、例如平面广告,修图、CI/VI设计、线上线下的数字活动设计
  • 协助策略总监创意人员和其他设计师完成创意和技术项目
  • 在创意、策划团队的指导下,完成视觉整合
  • 跟踪第三方供应商的进度,包括线上线下产品的最终制作
  • 管理并创造以团队为中心的工作氛围



  • 至少5年工作经验,对网页设计、修图、排版,以及线上线下的摄影有良好的理解
  • 熟练使用photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver等软件
  • 了解Indesign、印刷流程、修图技能,网站制作者将会优先录取
  • 设计/美术专业,对细节有较强的把握
  • 富有灵活、开放的设计思想,个性热情幽默
  • 有良好的团队合作精神,能专业地处理问题,能在高压下独立完成工作
  • 较强的分析能力和组织能力,能在快节奏的环境下完成多任务处理。