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Marie Dalgar

MARIE DALGAR Marketing Center

BEUKAY Group China Brands


MARIE DALGAR, OUR ATTITUDE The artist in cosmetic world: We devote ourselves to exploring the colorful world through the artist’s eye. We take infinite inspiration from our life, to bring a more creative perspective at beauty, which will encourage everyone to stage your unique beauty.

MARIE DALGAR, OUR VISION Inviting everyone to inspire, explore and advance though the artist’s eye with curiosity, then to know that: Life is full of inspirations and beauty is everywhere for anyone who knows how to look for it.

MARIE DALGAR, OUR MISSION Inspiring, encouraging and enabling woman to overcome inhibitions, to experience, enjoy, create and stage your unique beauty in a fun and generous way.

MARIE DALGAR, OUR INTRODUCTION In 2006, the first grafted mascara created by Marie Dalgar was surprised among the whole country. The magic effect of 300% lengthening and 700% volume up refreshes an amazing record of selling one in 15 seconds. From now on, the “Frequent Rules Breaking” Era of Marie Dalgar is opened, and the numerous miracles are also created one by one in every area of make up! In 2008, the establishment of MARIE DALGAR Marketing Center in China entered a high growth path. The own office building covers over 7000 square metre with full of creative designs. In 2010, Marie Dalgar held the first “Break-Away Art Exhibition” among the China Make Up. And this Annual Art Exhibitions has been held for 8 years with more than 100 artists. For 10 years, multiple products of Marie Dalgar have got lots of awards in many authoritative fashion channels such as PClady, Rayli Beauty and so on.

The videos and product designs have also won many prizes. Marie Dalgar entered the Sephora which is praised as “the Authority of Cosmetic Retail all over the world”in 2017, and it also marched the overseas market including south-eastern Asia, America and Europe to start forming an international scale. At the same time, the parent group Beukay of Marie Dalgar has established the R&D Center in France, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea. And now, except Marie Dalgar, it is trying to create more different things in make up such as the innovation of an all-new brand “YES!IC” which emphasized the sense of comfort and real.

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Established Founded in Shanghai, in 2008

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