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  • 1 Job Listing (4 weeks) 200 Credits

    Advertise your job vacancy to the exact pool of creative professionals you want to reach. All job listings start off on the homepage, and get shared through the CH Alerts system.

  • Refresh/Boost 70 Credits

    Add 1 more week of running time to your job listing. Doing so will also "boost" your job listing, bringing it back to the top of the CH Jobs list.

  • Featured Job Listing 120 Credits

    Give your job listing the highest exposure on the homepage — a spot in the “Featured Jobs” box, running for 48 hours. Space is limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Cross-Post on SmSh Jobs 90 Credits

    Expand the reach of your job listing with an additional feature on SmartShanghai, the city’s top English-language resource. Shown as a link in a featured box on the SmSh Jobs page.

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A company listing on CreativeHunt gives you the targeted exposure you’re looking for — a quick and easy way to connect you to thousands of potential clients and collaborators seeking your specific skill set and regional expertise.

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Get instant alerts about new projects through our QuickQuote system. It's like a matchmaking service for creatives and clients — whenever we receive a gig that suits your field(s) of specialization, QuickQuote will deliver the project brief straight to your inbox.

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Subscribers can use the CH Projects platform to customize their company listing pages just as they want them — giving your creative abilities a well-rounded presentation that allows clients, peers and collaborators to understand your specialties and your style.

Company Listing Pricing


80 CNY/month
Min 12 months
  • A company listing within China's biggest directory for creative professionals
  • Limit 3 images for Portfolio slideshow
  • Limit 2 image albums for Projects
  • Limit 6 points for category selection
  • Listing will be activated within 5 working days


280 CNY/month
Min 12 months
  • Featured listing, top placement in directory
  • 100 CH Credits per month (use for job listings)
  • Up to 5 images for Portfolio slideshow
  • Up to 10 image albums for Projects
  • Up to 12 points for category selection
  • Listing will be activated within 2 working days


680 CNY/month
Min 12 months
  • Featured listing, highest placement in directory
  • 200 CH Credits per month (use for job listings)
  • Unlimited images for Portfolio slideshow
  • Unlimited image albums for Projects
  • Up to 20 points for category selection
  • Listing will be activated within 1 working day

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Listings How do you determine the order in which companies show up in the directory?

Within each category — Branding, Product Design, Photography, etc. — companies show up in three groupings: Gold companies on the very top, Premium companies in the second tier, followed by Regular. 

Then within each grouping, our system lists agencies by alphabetical order, i.e., from “Advertising Creative” to “Zebra Design”.

Company Listings How long will it take for my company listing to go live on the site?

Your company listing will be published in the CH directory within the same day, or the next business day, after your payment is processed. 

To check the status of your payment, please login to your account and click “Your Company Listings” on the left side of your user area.

Company Listings Does CH provide stats for the amount and kinds of traffic my listing receives?

Yes - for job listings, please login to your user account and click on Your Account to view the number of clicks that your listings have received. 

For company listings, we offer more detailed stats on the traffic coming into your company page. Just shoot an email to for a customized report.

Company Listings How does the categorization of services work? Is there a limit to the number of categories I can be included in?

Each company can choose 1 main category, and up to 9 additional categories of services to be included in.  

We understand that some full-service agencies may provide more than 10 services, but must ask that such agencies limit their categories to the 10 most relevant in order to keep the CH directory as concise and effective as possible.

Company Listings I need to revise the information in my listing — how do I do this?

Please go to your user pages, Your Company Listings, and click on the Tools button. From here you are able to submit a request to edit your listing. Our editors will format the changes accordingly and clean up spelling and grammar errors, if any. This typically takes 1-2 business days.

Company Listings I subscribed with a Gold listing and want to use the banner ads included in my package — how does this work?

Gold listings include 2 weeks of banner ad space. There are two options to use this: a) 2 weeks all at once, or b) 1 week at a time for two separate banners.

You may choose to place this ad on the following pages: Homepage, Jobs or Articles. Please e-mail us at at least 4-6 weeks in advance for consultation and scheduling.

Credits, Payments & Invoices (Fapiao) What kind of invoice (fapiao) can I receive?

We can issue: a) personal fapiao, b) standard fapiao titled with your company’s name, or c) VAT business fapiao. For VAT fapiao, our finance team will need these complete details: 

1) your registered company name 

2) company registration number

3) name & number of company bank account

4) company address & phone number

Credits, Payments & Invoices (Fapiao) How and when will I receive my fapiao?

If you choose the "Cash on Delivery" option, then your fapiao will arrive at the same time that our company courier arrives at your office to collect payment. 

If you choose the "Bank Transfer" option, our company couriers will deliver your fapiao directly to your office address within 3-5 business days of our finance team confirming receipt of payment. 

Those who choose the "Office Payment" option will receive their fapiao of choice on the spot.

Note: some offices may be outside of our delivery zone. In these cases, our staff will send your fapiao via SF Express.

Credits, Payments & Invoices (Fapiao) What is your refund policy?

CreativeHunt [under its official registered company name Shanghai Huangfei Consulting Co., Ltd. 上海煌飞咨询有限公司], offers a 14-day refund policy on CH Credits that have been purchased, paid for, and left unused. 
If you have purchased CH Credits and decided after payment has been processed that you no longer want/need a credits package, then you may contact us at: and our sales staff will provide you with a full refund.
Note: if you received a fapiao (invoice) for this payment, then you will need to send this back to CreativeHunt [上海煌飞咨询有限公司] before your refund can be processed. It is the Client's responsibility to post the original fapiao to the CreativeHunt offices (courier fees to be covered by the Client). 
Unfortunately, we are unable to grant refund requests if the original fapiao for your payment cannot be supplied. 
If you have paid for CH Credits, have partially used your credit balance, and would like a refund on surplus credits of 400 Credits or more — of which you do not foresee any future use for (note: CH Credits never expire), then CreativeHunt [上海煌飞咨询有限公司] can provide a partial refund as long as your request falls within the 14-day timeframe of our policy. 
The amount refunded will be calculated based on the face value of CreativeHunt's Credits system: 1 CH Credit = 1.6rmb
In all other instances, our staff will review each refund request on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we are unable to offer refunds in the following cases:
-If Client has used all, or nearly all (< 400 credits remaining), of his/her CH Credits and requests a refund based on dissatisfaction of response rate to his/her listing(s). 
-If Client has purchased and paid for a year-long subscription to the CH Directory.
-If Client sends in a refund request after the 14-day timeframe since submitting payment.
All refunds will be delivered in the original form of payment (e.g., if Client paid by bank transfer, then CreativeHunt [上海煌飞咨询有限公司] will return the funds via bank transfer).

Credits, Payments & Invoices (Fapiao) I just completed an online payment (bank/credit card, Alipay) — why don't I see any CH Credits in my account?

It may take up to an hour between the time that you complete your order, to when our online payment provider (Paymentwall) processes and then confirms receipt of funds with our banking institution. 

If you still haven't received your CH Credits after an hour, then please get in touch with our team at with your company name and job listing title (e.g., "Art Director") and we'll help you track down the payment.