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Ravabe is an upcoming creative agency providing branding and marketing solutions that aim to support businesses with their campaign objectives and maximize results on digital platforms; our technology solutions division aims to grow productivity and simplify marketing processes, thus freeing time for more creativity and progress towards the greater goal.


RaVaBe, pronounced “Rather Be”, with presence in the US, China and India, was created to find solutions to the problems that had surfaced in past projects due to the lack of productivity tools for supporting businesses. We have a common vision of building simple and user-friendly productivity tool sets that could transform the way organizations tackle collaborative working. We created a beta platform that seamlessly allows digital content creation and social media management, coupled with simple analytical tools to measure the outcomes of social campaigns.


Our tech team in India have developed the capability to rapidly develop products and bring them to market with competencies in web application development and full stack testing. To be a true disrupter we have to have an opinion about how to change the world.


We believe we know our industry and that we can see the “broken” and we are driven to fix it. At RaVaBe we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who want to fix the “broken” and solve pressing problems that everyone else takes for granted. CEO Alistair and COO Sean both come from the banking and finance industry working at reputable firms in NYC and London.


Alistair started working on digital process management way before it was adopted and integrated into our daily lives today and is well versed in work process improvement and user experience. RaVaBe's client portfolio includes brands such as Avis, Uber, Sengled and the Earlier Mona Lisa exhibition. Currently, RaVaBe’s digital publishing and community management tool is in a private beta and we are looking for companies or individuals who are interested in becoming part of the RaVaBe experience.


If you are a forward thinker who believes in innovation, feel free to contact us.

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Established 2014, China

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