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Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Branded Construction Material

The construction material business has been developing rapidly in China. Our client sosoon was already in the domestic top 3 for building drainage systems and planing to enter foreign markets. However, their existing visual identity and communication were extremely inconsistent and difficult to use, due to a variety of logos, brand names and visual elements that did not work well together.
Over a period of over two years, we developed the brand strategy together with our client and implemented this strategy for all internal and external communication.
We analysed the competitive field in China and abroad, studied the different paths our client followed to win projects, identifying major stake holders and their specific information needs as well as decision drivers. Brand workshops with the sosoon team gave us insight into their corporate culture.
Our challenge at the beginning of this project was to convince a management team, which had no experience in a strategic application of design, of our process and help them realize their business potential.
Our target was to develop a memorable but easy-to-use identity system that can serve as a reliable foundation for further expansion.

  • For our client it was important that we create a very easy to use visual identity. We therefore chose just one color and a design that is memorable and communicates brand values efficiently. The slogan “everything flows” was agreed early on. It implies flawless functionality of drainage products literally and figuratively. The simple wording allow that only the English version is used, also in China.

  • The visual identity was rapidly applied to all brochures. We completely changed the website after a thorough analysis of their sales processes. Structure, navigation and content is now well targeted and the design follows the visual identity guideline.

  • Attention to detail and a consistent implementation of the Visual Identity in all touch points with the brand creates trust and drives business. The project received the "transform award" in gold in 2015 for it's success in driving business success through professional branding. sosoon has expanded successfully in new markets across Asia.