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yaean design

Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Milliken: PlayAngle

Milliken has recently launched a new floor covering collection dubbed as PlayAngle, and we were more than excited to collaborate with our client on this new line.

The PlayAngle collection features five different patterns and each one offering eight possible accents and colourlines – the possible number of combinations are just immense considering how beautifully these components can blend in together.

Designers can mix and match different patterns and colourlines to their liking – from high energy brights to rich neutrals – and bring about an endless possibilities of design inspirations to accentuate any environment.

  • KEY VISUALS • The main concept our key visuals is the play on triangle and lines (which are the main essence of PlayAngle’s pattern selection). Using these, we created an optical illusion of a multi-dimensional surface pattern with the collection’s name “PlayAngle” etched out within the same facets. We strived to seamlessly integrate the brand into the design artwork and perfectly capture the idea of “creative play using different angles”. • Our master key visual featured the full spectrum of eight accents and colourlines from the collection. • We also created three other supplementing key visuals using the distinct color palettes from Milliken, namely: Cool, Warm, and Coordinates.

  • INSTALLATION BROCHURES • We knew from the start the we wanted the PlayAngle brochure to be unlike any other typical brochure out there. We wanted it to be fun, dynamic, and above all, interactive -- exactly what the brand collection is all about.

  • We created eight versions of the brochure (one version for each colourline) to showcase the collection’s extensive palette. The brochure pages were designed in a fold-out accordion style, each page dedicated to how each colourline can be utilized as a standalone visual or as part of a bigger masterpiece.