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Dragon Rouge

Boutique Agency | Shanghai

Brand Evolution for GenesisCare

Dragon Rouge won GOLD at the Transform Europe Awards in March 2019 for best overall brand evolution for our work with our fantastic client GenesisCare, with whom we have been working very closely for the last eighteen months. It also picked up a second award – highly commended in the best visual identity for the healthcare/pharma sector.

GenesisCare is an organisation of highly trained healthcare professionals and support staff, spread across Australia, the UK and Spain, committed to designing innovative treatments and care for people with cancer and heart disease. GenesisCare had grown beyond its initial brand platform and identity, and was trying to determine how best to define and express itself as a global force for positive change in healthcare. As an organisation that had grown organically and through acquisition, the business also had a number of legacy brands in different locations that needed to be rationalised.

Through in-depth consultation and partnership, we recognised GenesisCare’s pioneering spirit and fast but considered way of working aligned closely to the principles of Design Thinking. ‘Designing Better Care’ became the core brand idea, as a platform for formalising how they work and achieve internally and also telling the story about what makes them different. we created a purpose and new set of behaviour-driving values to support this commitment.

The new brand identity was designed to reflect this core idea; a distinctive and iconic shorthand for the brand that acts as both a logomark and a window into the world of ‘Designing Better Care’. Supporting this is a bespoke typeface, with colour and photography that goes beyond the expected and existing traits of healthcare businesses.

GenesisCare has evolved its brand to really show what makes the organisation a special, pioneering force in healthcare, as it moves into the next stage of its development. The result is a brand that helps focus internal decision making and creativity to facilitate better experiences for both staff and its patients, all expressed through a unique brand identity.

"Dear Dragon Rouge team. You've been stellar. You've helped (re)build a brand that touches 1,090,500 patients every year with cancer and heart disease. You have stretched our imagination, captured our spirit and been a phenomenal partner in designing better care. I'm excited to continue our partnership as we work to develop our brand in China, our employee experience and all the other elements of brand development that come up."
Rachel White, Head of Group Marketing and Brand, GenesisCare