Before June 15: Applications for PHOTOFAIRS

An international art fair dedicated to photography, PHOTOFAIRS will be back in Shanghai for its fourth edition starting September 8 up till September 10. As one of the only three locations the fair takes place, the two others being London and San Francisco, Shanghai has been chosen due to China and Asia-Pacific's ever increasing demand for collectible fine art photography. Last year's fair housed 50 galleries from 15 countries and 24 cities, pulling in sale figures betwen 1,000 to 120,000 (USD). 

Application to be exhibited at the 2017 fair is now open for a limited time.

The fair in Shanghai will feature three main sectors: Main, Connected, and Platform

1. Main

This sector will feature modern and contemporary photography from international galleries. Only Galleries that have a global program of artists are eligible for application.

2. Connected

As a sector dedicated to photography and moving image, applicants' final proposals must contain moving image works.

3. Platform

This sector is only for international galleries that have never been showcased in Mainland China. Display sets are offered at 3225 (HKD), approximately 415 (USD) per square metre. 

If you are interested in having your galleries displayed in any of these sectors, you may submit an application no later than June 15. Simply complete the application form (yes, there seems to be a typo in edition on the form) and email it to

Remember to also check out Import Tax to make sure you understand the rules and regulations on the importation of your artworks and sold items. 

For more detailed information on the organizers, panels, and previous exhibitors, visit the PHOTOFAIRS 2017 official website.