Events During ChinaJoy 2017

Without a doubt, ChinaJoy will be one of the busiest annual events gaming professionals attend. While the trade fair is going on, there are several other events occuring at the same time. You might need more than 24 hours in a day to participate in all the events and visit every booth during the span of ChinaJoy, so here is a breakdown of what else is happening during the grand game show.

Click on the event titles to register for individual tickets. The all-in-one ChinaJoy VIP pass that is valid for all these events and allows you to use the business matching system costs between 8,400rmb to 11,400rmb depending on your time of registration (the earlier the better, of course). Last day for online registration is June 30. Register for your ChinaJoy all-in-one VIP pass here.


China Digital Entertainment Congress

(July 26 - 27)

This event highlights cross border integration of digital entertainment, gives insights into latest developments in forefront entertainment of film, television, games, net literature, music, and animation, and showcases the trends of new digital entertainment technologies. Leading guests will be from NetEase Inc., Alibaba Music Group, Xbox, Shanda Games, and so on.

Global e-Sports Industry Summit (July 28)

Guest speakers from leading e-Sports companies including Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Tencent will share insight on the growth and development of the e-Sports industry.

World Mobile Game Conference (July 28)

A functional platform for the mobile game industry to meet new demand of the rapidly developed market of global mobile games, this event will feature talks on new trends of mobile internet development and in light of new opportunities in China's mobile game industry. Expect speakers from Alibaba Games, Longtu Games, Google Play, Facebook, and more.

China Game Development Congress

(July 27 - 28)

An event targeting the technical aspect of the gaming industry, it will include Online/Console Game Session on new elements of networking and multiplayer modes, Mobile & Social Game Session on traffic billing and social applications, Indie Game Session on non-commercial game production, VR/AR Session on the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies, and a Sponsor Session on expanding brand awareness and influence.

e-Smart Conference (July 27 to 28)

Guest speakers from AWS Amazon, Alibaba Cloud Computing, HUAWEI and so on will get together to talk about intelligent hardware, new trends in intelligence entertainment, and advanced e-smart technologies.

ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival (July 27 to 30)

Cosplayers from around the world will get together to performance and compete on stage. Grand prizes will be awarded to Top 5 participants. Online votes can be given here.

Awesome Dancer Contest (July 27 to 30)

A contest between groups and individual dancers will be held at the B2C section. Categories include doubles, singles, and groups.


Check out the ChinaJoy Events page for more information and full list of guest speakers.