Film Contest: Young Eyes Movie Challenge

Well, if you're handy with a camera and have a thirst for travel, this current competition could be a good one: a company called Burma Boating is offering a 1000 USD cash prize plus five day romp around the seas of Myanmar to the filmmaker who does the best job pitching a creative, original idea for an imaginative sailing video. The company's particularly looking for fresh young filmmakers or related visual artists -- hence the "Young Eyes" label in the contest name. Entries will be accepted until the end of July, and winners will be announced in the weeks following. To pitch your idea, click here to launch the submission form. Entries and videos should be done in English. Submissions will be judged by professional photo and video journalist Sharron Lovell, who currently lectures at the University of Bolton's International Multimedia Journalism master's program in Beijing. Burma Boating offers yacht hire in Myanmar. The country's infrastructure and cheap accommodation options are a bit lacking right now, which currently makes sailing one of the best ways to see out-of-the-way parts of the nation. The crew and guides on board also take visitors around to meet native Burmese people who live on the rural coasts, isolated from the rest of the country. Since these communities don't tend to use money, people can barter and trade things with them. Might make a good short film in itself, eh? The winner's five day yacht trip will take place in early October of this year, and will most likely be joining a pre-arranged group of international travel journalists. Good luck to all applicants!