New Opportunities in Creativity

Designers and industry specialists looking for a change of scene can head on over to our Jobs Listing section to check out these pending opportunities!

Web Developer (Montfort Shanghai)

Montfort (Shanghai) Advertising Co., Ltd is part of Montfort Werbung GmbH and it specializes in Industrial Design and communication in the Asian market. They are seeking a web developer to design and manage their website for visuals, UI, and UX.

Marketing and Sales Specialist (Jemo Interior Design & Construction)

Jemo specializes in interior design & construction. It has more than 1,000 project experience in residential (villas, appartments) and commercial projects (restaurants, retail shops, bars, clubs, offices, hotels, etc.) Their designers are from Germany, France, Spain, and China, and has a project team with more than 150 staff. They are now looking to add a Marketing and Sales Specialist to the list. Both interns and full time seekers are welcome.

Senior Graphic Designer (Sina Retail & Image)

Sina Retail & Image was founded in 2009 by two international retail experts (French and Italian) with more than 18 years of professional experience in Greater China. Based in Shanghai, the agency also has offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Paris. The Shanghai office has a spot open for a Senior Graphic Design with experience in cosmetics and luxury design.

Senior Graphic Designer (Octopus Innovation)

Paris & Shanghai based, Octopus Innovation provides a broad spectrum of design services to local and international clients. They translate insights to creative solutions with business impact, and create, develop and implement ideas to support companies development. With clients like Sony, Volvo, Tag Heuer and KTM, they are now seeking an extra pair of Senior Graphic Designer hands.

Social Media Copywriter (Air Paris)

Air Paris acts as a strategic consultant, a business developer and a creative director all at the same time. The agency offers services such as brand strategy and positioning, brand creation and development, new product concepts, 360° advertising, branding, brand experience, and package design. They are now in search for a Social Media Copywriter in the Shanghai office to plan and execute social media content.

Senior Designer (BYB VISION)

A visual merchandising consulting company, BYB aims to support brands operating in the fashion retail industry that want to stand out and appeal to its clients with unique, relevant, and inspiring visual merchandising solutions. They are seeking for a Senior Designer with at least 5 years of experience in the retail fashion industry to support and lead design projects.