Try Soundlinks for Free

Soundlinks is a technology that embeds URLs within a soundwave, and while silent to the human ear, it can be picked up by mobile phone microphones, kind of like Shazam, if you will. Targeting musicians in an attempt to help with monetization, Soundlinks URLs contain information related to the artist, including basic profile, social media, merchandise promotions, and even donation requests. By simply scanning a catchy song you heard on the radio or at a live concert, you will be taken to a page that has all the information you need about this artist. From a musician's side, you can use this technology to promote and monetize your music, sell tickets and merchandise, or even sell a space on your page to advertisers. 

Example of what a Soundlink URL page will look like

The company that patents Soundlinks shares the same name and was founded two years ago in Shanghai by a Chinese-Japanese and three partners. They are currently offering their services to 1,000 musicians free of charge in exchange for developing a relationship of mutual support. 

As of right now, Soundlinks only work with their in-house app, Pulse Live, which focuses on live events. Anybody that scans a song at an event will be able to learn more about the performing artist, purchase souvenirs, find out who the sponsors are and other details about the event.

Simply head on to their website and create a free account to join their ambition in standardizing the music industry with this service.