Vote for the Most Popular AD100

After months of reviews and discussions, AD100 China just released their pipin' hot list of nominees for the 2017 awards. The list includes heavy weight agencies such a COORDINATION Asia, AFSO, red design, to name a few. There are seven internationally acclaimed panel judges who will select final winners of the 2017 AD100 in these design categories:

Best Public Architecture
Best Commercial Architecture
Best Food & Beverage Interior
Best Hospitality Interior
Best Office Interior
Best Residential Interior
Best Commercial Interior

While the judges are debating over who to hand the trophies to, you can also participate in 2017 AD100 by casting your votes to help pick the top:

Most Popular Public Architecture
Most Popular Commercial Architecture
Most Popular Food & Beverage Interior
Most Popular Hospitality Interior
Most Popular Office Interior
Most Popular Residential Interior
Most Popular Commercial Interior

Voting can be done at the convenience of your mobile phone. The website is catered to Chinese readers, but the voting process is pretty straight forward. Simply follow the link above to view the list of nominees for that category, scan the QR code at the bottom of the page, and submit your vote by choosing your favorite designs/designer's number from the mutiple choice menu on your phone. Note that you can only cast one vote per category.

Submit your votes and stand the chance to be one of the 10 voters to win a free copy of ADstyle. Results of the popularity contest will be announced on June 23.